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Guided, actionable productivity courses and tutorials that are interactive and fun. Make the most out of your technology by using it like a pro.


The proven, step-by-step system to clear your clutter, find your files and master your Mac. My easy-to-follow video tutorials will help you turn your disorganized mess of computer files into a well-organized, semi-automated digital filing system where you can always find what you need quickly and easily. It’s time to reclaim control of your life from your computer.



I used to avoid and despise email. Opening my Gmail to deal with the flood of emails that invaded my inbox every day drove me crazy. I finally learned that a few simple tweaks and add-ons can make Gmail work better for me and turn it into an organized, chaos-free place to strengthen key relationships, expand my network and get things done!

In 15 easy and fun video lessons, I show you how to get out of your inbox so you can get back to your life. Because after all, you have more important things you should be doing.