The Modern Day Problem

Everyone is busy and time is our most precious resource, yet most growing businesses fail to optimize the processes and tools to help their organization run like a well-oiled machine. Processes are inefficient. Tools are misunderstood. Email is broken. Meetings are a time-suck.

The Latest Solutions

At WorkHacks, we work closely with you to understand your productivity challenges from the inside out. We design a customized set of processes and show you how to use new tools and methodologies that help your business run at optimal efficiency.

We help identify your team’s process inefficiencies, communication breakdowns and lapses in accountability. After researching your unique situation, we provide you with actionable advice, the latest best practices and easy-to-implement tools.




We Help Teams Work Better Together

Our proprietary 5-step process will uncover the biggest productivity challenges, process inefficiencies and time wasters for your team. We address your unique challenges and needs and provide you with easy to implement tactics and tools that will help you start working better together immediately.


In the discovery phase, we go straight to the source–your employees. Your employees  are given the space to speak honestly and frankly about their workday  in a one-on-one setting. This is where we get valuable insights about your productivity culture.  we look at recent processes  and wasted time and help you discover keystone inefficiencies.


The team Assessment  turns the conversations with employees  into  insights that help you clearly see the challenges ahead to help you grow into a stronger and more successful company. The assessment reveals the individual attitudes and collective mindset  regarding  your productivity culture (both good and bad.) Through the discovery and assessment process we learn how your team operates and  highlight areas of improvement.


The Roadmap clarifies our insights and offers a plan to deal with your largest productivity challenges.  There are so many different best practices to choose from and even more systems and tools to learn. We believe the best productivity system is one that works for you. We help you craft the perfect productivity system from the ground up. We help you create a bespoke workflow and toolbox that fits your particular needs.  It is presented as a timeline  that tackles your productivity challenges one by one.


This is where we put in place a system of rules that support better collaboration, productivity and output. Through our group Workshops we inspire employees to be the best they possibly can be to make the company as strong as it can possibly be.  We introduce new methodologies, techniques and technology that guide and inspire your team  as to how they can work better together.


Many consultants sell a generic set of recommendations in a deliverable binder and leave you on your own to implement. We don’t consider the project complete until the executive team fully comprehends the processes, including how to implement them using best practices in communication, change management and corporate culture. Our goal is not to sell you ideas, it’s to help you implement new processes and tools into your workday along with the resources necessary to transform how you work together.


Most people suck at email because they’ve never been taught how to use it properly for business and project management. Having an efficient email process is critical to your business. The average person spends 28% of their day in their inbox. This is 2.24 hours in an 8 hour workday. Managing and collaborating through email is an art. We teach your organization how to be super efficient and effective with email, the most commonly used business communications tool.


Meetings are the foundation of be able to do great work in collaboration with others. They are a tool to get things done and the platform where people experience you. But the truth is the modern meeting is broken. The typical corporate meeting makes you feel like you’re busy doing something, but most meetings are a mess – an unproductive waste of time to validate the status quo. We teach you the 7 keys to running effective meetings and provide you with Agenda and Follow-Up templates you can use to automate the pre and post meeting process.

& Automating

How do you get work done every day? Could you work better and improve on your work processes?  In todays constantly connected, always-on world of work, we can all benefit from getting better at streamlining, automating and delegating. The problem is there are so many different best practices to choose from and even more systems and tools to learn, we become overwhelmed and return to our old habits. We believe the best productivity system is one that works for you. We help you craft the perfect productivity system from the ground up.


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