I love technology.

Particularly all the apps, devices and services out there that help us be more efficient and productive humans. They’re like the treadmill that you buy when you decide you want to get in shape. The treadmill itself isn’t going to magically shed pounds, but if you spend the time and effort to use it, it’s the tool that can help you reach your goal (of getting in better shape). I have a lot of productivity treadmills in the form of apps, tools and services that whip my workday into shape.

I’m obsessed with automation.

If you’re spending most of your day working at your Mac, you should try to automate as many tasks as possible. I am always shocked when I see people performing mundane, repetitive work that can be easily automated using simple (and cheap) tools and services.


I’m hosting a webinar where I walk you through 4 of my favorite task automation Mac apps and services. These apps are so powerful, I guarantee your productivity (and sanity) will increase dramatically. Seriously, when you see what these simple tools can do your jaw is going to drop. And I’m not just going to tell you about them, I’m going to show you how I use them. Demoing them live on the webinar via a screencast of my desktop. There will also be time for Q&A where you can ask me questions about anything I’ve showed you or where you can share a particular productivity challenge or frustration you’re having and I’ll offer the tools and services I think could help. This is not a sales pitch webinar. My intention is to save you a bunch of time by adding 4 simple tools to your workflow.

You will walk away with…

1. A comprehensive range of Mac tools that will keep you from wasting time manually performing the most common repetitive tasks.
2. How to setup, use and immediately implement the recommended tools into your existing workflow.
3. Tips on how to automate just about anything on your Mac, giving you hours back in your day so you can focus on your important work.

It’s happening this Friday at 3PM EST.

I will help you free yourself from the ball and chain of repetitive drudgery.

I hope you join me.


Author Julia Roy

Julia is a personal trainer for productivity. She helps businesses, executives and entrepreneurs work better through trainings, workshops and digital courses.

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