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The Gift of Good Posture

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This body-brain connection is important to understand. Particularly for those of us who sit at our computer and check our phone all day. We spend most of our waking hours slouching over our keyboards and hunching over our phones. Poor posture is bad for our back, but it’s also bad for our mind.

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Embracing the Creative Process

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I devoured Paul Jarvis’ book Everything I Know. His writing style is something to be admired. He offers simple, practical yet powerful advice to help you conquer fear, embrace vulnerability and understand the pain and beauty involved in the creative process. If you are a creative, consultant or aspiring entrepreneur and need a good kick in the pants (like me)–this book is for you. Head over…

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Don’t Fill Buckets, Light Creativity Fires

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I recently watched a TED Talk where the presenter ended with a quote from William Butler Yeats: “Education is not about filling buckets; it is lighting fires.” This got me thinking about the parallels between the way we learn and the way we work. The way we were trained to learn in school has bleed into how we operate in our day to day lives. If…

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