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TextExpander Tutorial by Julia Roy

TextExpander will Blow Your Mind

There is one app that I couldn’t live without. It’s TextExpander. I show you how it saves time in my email and streamlines my workflow overall. In this tutorial, I show you how I use TextExpander to: Send and reply to emails in a fraction of the time Use Case #1: Responding to Meeting Requests [...]

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Task & Project Management App Guide

Project and Task Management App Guide

Why aren’t most people using the ideal task and project management system for them? The answer is simple. It’s the Paradox of Choice. (For more, check out Wikipedia or this TED Talk.) There are hundreds of choices. Wading through all the noise is enough to make you give up, and most of us do. Should [...]

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Control Your Email Problem, Take Back Your Life

Email is Not an Interruption, it’s a Distraction It’s important to understand the difference. Interruptions are out of your control, like when someone calls you or knocks on your door. Distractions are different. We let in distractions. If your phone buzzes when you get a new message, it is you and only you that has [...]

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This is Your Brain on Email

Email is a drug. At least, to our brain it is. We are kidding ourselves when we pretend we’re not obsessed with our email. This obsession is not normal or natural. It’s seriously dysfunctional and I’m gonna tell you why. Email is Hijacking our Attention Tapping into our dopamine-fueled reward system. Dopamine is critical for [...]

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Uncovering the Mystery of Our Brain

SUMMARY Your brain single handedly defines who you are and how you experience the world. But do you know your brain does this? How it actually works? As I’ve been digging into recent brain research and learning more and more, it amazes me how much information is out there that is not proactively shared with [...]

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