Quick notice your posture right now. Are you slouching, hovering over your computer or phone while you read this email? Now did the fact that I called your attention to your posture make you sit up a little bit straighter? I bet it did!

The Science of Posture in Plain English

Your posture affects the how you think and feel in a big way. When you’re sitting, standing and walking, your posture is sending nonverbal cues to your brain. These cues, influence the way you think, feel and even act.

This body-brain connection is important to understand. Particularly for those of us who sit at our computer and check our phone all day. We spend most of our waking hours slouching over our keyboards and hunching over our phones. Poor posture is bad for our back, but it’s also bad for our mind.

Your brain is always scanning for cues from your body, informing what mental state you should be in at any given moment.

When you start to pay attention to your posture, magical things start to happen.

Your attitude changes, confidence increases, happiness gets a boost and (to my surprise and delight) your productivity improves. But we are often so preoccupied with what we’re doing, we rarely notice our posture at all.


I’ve been training my brain to sit up straight.


The Lumo Lift.

If you’re curious about what it is, how it works and my experience with it check out the 3-minute video above.

And, if I’ve done a good job at convincing you that your posture is worth investing in, for a limited time this link will get you $20 off. (Lumo sent me a give $20, get $20 offer after I purchased two of them recently and if you buy one I bet you will get the same offer too.)

Don’t start 2015 without the Lumo. It’s a tiny device packed with big, mind-altering productivity power.

Author Julia Roy

Julia is a personal trainer for productivity. She helps businesses, executives and entrepreneurs work better through trainings, workshops and digital courses.

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